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Muddy cut: Morgan Hodges Hair, Tunbridge Wells

24 Apr 2016


When one of your oldest, most trusted friends and your sister-in-law both recommend the same hairdresser on the same day, you know you’re on to something, right? That’s why I picked up the phone right there and then and booked myself into this salon in Tunny Wells, which has just celebrated its one year anniversary since opening.


In my job, over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to try out a lot of hair salons – and by God there are so many of them around – but I’m quite fickle (by which I mean last minute and disorganised) so often try different stylists, different salons, in different towns.

I have the kind of hair that benefits so much from a trip to the hairdressers – potentially frizzy and dishevelled if left to its own devices (I’m very lazy about styling and product) but it will hold a professional blow dry for the best part of a week (wet weather allowing). So when I kept hearing that Greg (the Morgan half of Morgan Hodges) was the latest must-try Salon Master, where better to get my tresses tamed?


The Morgan Hodges salon is positioned right on the Pantiles and is a big open space with high ceilings and sparce decor – giving it a stylish, roomy, relaxed feel. The salon has three Senior Stylists including, alongside Greg, Natasha who is the Hodges half of the salon. The most experienced for hair colour is Sandra. Some people just have a way with hair – it moves a certain way in their hands – and Greg is just one of those people. I’m not surprised to learn he’s worked with many a celeb during his early career when he was based in London.


A Woman’s Cut & Blow Dry starts at £43 with a Junior Stylist and increases to £70 with the Senior Stylists and £90 with Greg. There’s been a number of times when I’ve had terrible hair cuts from great salons mainly because I asked what must be the worst question ever to an unsuspecting stylist:  ‘What do you think I should do?’ And then I go along with it even if I’m unsure, from a person who doesn’t know me, my life or how completely lazy I am about my hair. But Greg listens and tells me confidently that I should leave my hair as is, just improve on the length and layering.


As I’ve got older I’ve discovered the anti-ageing benefits of volume in a good hair style. It’s all about body – and this was something Greg was particularly focused on as he worked my hair – into big, retro, showstopper tousled tresses, see above. I had to rush off from my appointment to the school run so fast I didn’t get to take a decent ‘After’ photo until I got back home. So keep in mind that this is me after screeching through the school gates several minutes late, wrestling the Mini Muddies into the car, getting some grub inside them and surviving the rigors of bathtime… Still Dallas baby!

IMG_0750 (1)_Fotor

Morgan Hodges Hair, 52 The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5TN, Tel: 01892 539203, 

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