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The Girl On The Train

1 May 2016

If, like me, you were a fan of the novel The Girl on the Train then you’re going to be more than a little excited to hear that the movie is nearing release – October 2016.

In case you’ve been out of the country, The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller by British novelist Paula Hawkins that sat at the number 1 position in the New York Times Best Seller list for 13 consecutive weeks!


Often called the next Gone Girl, it tells the story from the point of view of Rachel (Emily Blunt) – a a 32-year-old alcoholic reeling from the breakdown of her marriage to Tom (Justin Theroux), who left her for another woman. She commutes on the train to London everyday (although the movie has changed the location to New York) and imagines (er, obsesses over) the lives of a couple she watches through the train windows (who she nicknames Jason and Jess).



Rachel soon becomes embroiled in her imaginings, returning home one night covered in blood with the news that ‘Jess’ has gone missing. Uh oh.

The story is told from the perspective of three women: Rachel, Megan the nanny (‘Jess’ played by Haley Bennet) and Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) – the new wife of Rachel’s ex-husband, Tom. Each woman is a complex character with their own take on the same events and it’s up to you to complete the jigsaw.



Word on the street is that Emily Blunt is brilliantly creepy as Rachel. But it’s simple movie mathematics isn’t it? Add Emily Blunt to any film and it immediately makes it better. And if the trailer is anything to go by, this is going to be awesome!

Anyway, enough chitter chatter, wanna take a look at the vid? Strap yourself in, it’s one hell of a ride!

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