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Forget Pokemon… Let’s play Chardonnay GO!

29 Jul 2016

pokemon go

Oh my days.  Friends with teenagers reporting that their children are obsessed. Pokémon players falling off cliffs.  Flippin’ Poke-whatevers are everywhere — apparently — and I’m once again one of those mothers who wants to get in on the act because I’m so down with the kids, but probably just doesn’t get it at all.

chardonnay-go-2 - Copy

Imagine my joy, then, to discover Chardonnay GO — and then my disappointment that it’s only a spoof. (Special thank you to my fellow editor, Pippa over in Muddy Herts, for bringing this to my attention).

Give it a watch yourself, see below.  It’s not the greatest quality filming, but if you’ve got a Poke-hunter in the house, or just a sense of humour, you’ll definitely get it…


Chardonnay GO!

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Kent Edition