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Heart-warming goodies for your home

31 Oct 2016

The Danish concept of hygge is quickly spreading its warmth across the world.

From slipping your feet into warm slippers to snuggling up on the sofa in a candle-lit living room – add these things to your home and create that cosy feeling that, up until now, we’ve never really had a name for…


And here’s where you can buy the goodies:

1. Faux Fur Throw, Cox & Cox, £225.00

2. Casbah Mint Tea, Dandlion Teas, £3

3. Hurricane Lamp, Helmsley Home, £30

4. Hand Loom Graphic Rug, Hoxton Store, £108

5. Miniature Bath & Shower Oil, Aromatherapy Associates, Space NK, £39

6. Cable Knit Cushion, Helmsley Home, £35

7. Terracotta Cup, Decorator’s Notebook, £9.95

8. Knit Cardigan, Betty & Co., House of Fraser, £95

9. Sofa, Sofas And Stuff, £1878

10. Aira Slippers, Ugg, £85

11. Neom Happiness Candle, Neom Organics, £45

12. Sphere Lights, Ensor Interior Design, £95-£215

13. Casserole Pot, Le Creuset, £171.50

14. Plait Basket, Olive & The Fox, £79

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Kent Edition