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Interview: Quick-fire questions with Su Pollard!

15 Nov 2016

As panto fever starts to build I was lucky enough to grab 5 minutes with national treasure, comedienne, actress and TV presenter Su Pollard – soon to be starring as the Wicked Queen in the Assembly Hall Theatre (Tunbridge Wells) production of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. Fun, zany and very, very likeable – she did not disappoint. Come, join me and say Hi-de-Hi (sorrrrry…)

Goodie or Baddie?

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8 Sep 2016

I enjoyed this post so much from the Muddy founder and my fellow editor, Hero Brown, over at Muddy Bucks/Oxon – I just had to share it with you. Rest assured that when the weather inevitably breaks and starts to cool (sob) things will at least be hotting up on our screens… Over to you Hero:

How can women maintain the high ground in their complaints about the many instances of male sexism?

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2 Sep 2016

Do you have a spare three minutes? Well, you might want to make the time to see this. It’s a perfume advert from Japanese brand Kenzo, but it’s seriously unlike any you’ve seen before – about as polar opposite to the breathy, randy escapism that we’re so often expected to put up with – a delirious Natalie Portman, high on Chanel, getting jiggy in that helicopter; a leggy Charlize Theron ascending a Dior silk rope wrapped erotically around those leggy legs.

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Get your daughters to watch this

20 Jun 2016

Hero Brown, the Muddy Stilettos Founder and editor of the Bucks / Oxon edition, and I have a few things in common. One of which is that we both have nine-year-old daughters. They both like Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande and would rather like to be famous themselves when they grow up. So I read this recent blog of hers with interest and thought I’d share it with you, as it’s pretty much relevant to all young women growing up today.

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The Girl On The Train

1 May 2016

If, like me, you were a fan of the novel The Girl on the Train then you’re going to be more than a little excited to hear that the movie is nearing release – October 2016.

In case you’ve been out of the country, The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller by British novelist Paula Hawkins that sat at the number 1 position in the New York Times Best Seller list for 13 consecutive weeks!

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EEK! See the trailer for Bridget Jones 3!

14 Apr 2016

Who cares if it’s not out until September?! The new trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby has been squirreled out onto You Tube and people, let me tell you, it’s looking very, very funny. I can just about forgive Renee Zellweger for messing around with that lovely face of hers, because thankfully she still does look very ‘Bridget’.

Colin Firth looks a little gaunt in this film in my humble opinion and Hugh Grant is apparently a no-show, but fear not – Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is on board as new wonder totty, McDreamy.

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First look: Beyonce’s promo for her new fitness line

1 Apr 2016

I have eaten my own body weight in cheese and chocolate this Easter. While wondering how on earth I’m going to redress the balance I’ve come across Beyonce’s hot-of-the-press promo for her new fitness range. And yes it has me a bit inspired and a bit twitchy – not necessarily to sweat it out admittedly, but definitely to buy some of the clobber.

Beyonce’s new range is called Ivy Park, inspired by the local park she exercises/thinks/finds solace in, and is available from from 14 April.

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Fancy a Spring fling with Tom Hiddleston in Mallorca?!

25 Mar 2016

It was bound to happen. We could never keep Tom or his filming locations to ourselves I suppose. Humph. At a cost of £3 million per episode BBC1’s espionage thriller The Night Manager (final episode on Easter Sunday!) certainly flits around some stunning locations: Mallorca, Marrakech, Madrid, Monaco, Zermatt, and uh, Devon… oh don’t you start, I know it’s very pretty!

Prestige Holidays is one of the first travel companies to pick up on the stunning places featured on the island of Mallorca where a lot of the pivotal scenes were filmed, and realise we’d all want a piece of the action.

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I’ve just found the new James Bond

11 Mar 2016

A perky little post to kick off the weekend. Hero over at Muddy Bucks & Oxon and I both had the same brainwave about this one (great minds and all that – or just two women that like to salivate all over their keyboards…) Here’s what Hero says (couldn’t have put it better myself)…

Daniel Craig, it was nice knowing you and your itty bitty swimming trunks, but *sniff* I’m ready to move on.

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Review: Annie, the musical, at the Assembly Hall

2 Mar 2016

My nearly nine-year-old is an Annie aficionado. She’s watched all three movies, bought the soundtrack, learnt the lyrics and perfected the art of feisty back-chat that would make our heroines in the orphanage proud.

So she made the perfect companion and critic when I went to see Annie at The Assembly Hall, last night, on the first show of its five-day run in Tunbridge Wells. In case you don’t know the story, it’s set in the time of the Great Depression in New York City after the stock market crash of 1929 (yes, I had to look that up) and follows the fortunes of Annie, a tough-girl orphan, cared for (or not as it turns out) by the child-hating Miss Hannigan.

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