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I’ve just found the new James Bond

11 Mar 2016

A perky little post to kick off the weekend. Hero over at Muddy Bucks & Oxon and I both had the same brainwave about this one (great minds and all that – or just two women that like to salivate all over their keyboards…) Here’s what Hero says (couldn’t have put it better myself)…

Daniel Craig, it was nice knowing you and your itty bitty swimming trunks, but *sniff* I’m ready to move on.

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Top 10 films

23 Feb 2016

We’re big film fans here at Muddy Kent and we’re very much looking forward to this year’s offerings. Whether you’re looking for a bit of chick flick and chill (Ms Bridget Jones), or something for the rabble (a new Jungle book!) we’ve got you covered. Muddy intern Daisy Ward gives us her recommendations for the coming year. Check them out.

1. Deadpool

The long-awaited Deadpool (it’s taken Ryan Reynolds 11 years to get this to screen) based on the comic character of the same name is finally in cinemas this week.

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The Muddy Kent half-term survival guide, Feb 16

9 Feb 2016

It’s half term already.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  Five minutes ago, we were picking pine needles out of the carpet – now it’s time to figure out how to keep the little darlings amused for a whole week again.

Lucky for us, there’s loads of fun stuff going on across the county and beyond.  Indoors, outdoors, crafty, sporty, musical, you name it.  So, time to get planning. 

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