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6 secrets to finding your super-self

2 Mar 2017

If there was one thing I thought I’d have nailed by now it’s public speaking. To say I get angsty is an understatement – and then of course there’s the small issue of Blank Brain – that awful feeling when your mind totally empties of everything, including your own name. This really started for me when I had kids and took time out from the busy office environment. I have other friends who are preparing to go back to work for the first time since motherhood and for them this fear is an even bigger deal.

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2 Jan 2017

I don’t want to make you jealous so early in the New Year, but check out my fantastic bum! Oh alright, this is actually my behind in about 20,000 squat thrusts time but *sigh* isn’t it a work of art?

You’re either a New Year’s resolutionist or not. I am one. I like resolutions. They frame the year, encourage perspective, empower with new goals (to fail miserably at, I grant you, but still).

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