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Match your food and drink this Easter

25 Mar 2016

Nipping out to the shops for some last minute Easter wine supplies? Muddy Kent is no stranger to the joys of a good bottle of wine, and the more I meet independent wine merchants the more I appreciate their passion for what they do. Proper indie wine stores are now sadly few and far between, but the ones that are hanging in there are successful because they’re seriously good. And they seriously know their stuff.

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Muddy eats: Graze Kitchen & Bar

14 Mar 2016

When my sister-in-law heard that Graze, a trendy new eaterie and bar combo, was opening on Tonbridge High Street her delighted response was to whoop and do a little starjump at the same time (at least I think it was a delighted response – either that or she stood on the cat…) You see – I’m sure she won’t mind me saying – she likes her food and her drink (a girl after my own heart) and has often bemoaned the lack of decent options on her doorstep.

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Tonbridge sets the trend

9 Feb 2016

Tonbridge I’m keeping my eye on you. You’re rich (in history – that’s some castle) and well connected (direct train to London in 40mins) and you look after your younglings well (you’ve some of the best schools in the country). Where you once had a reputation, dare I say it, for being less prim and proper than some of your neighbouring towns (*gasp*) now I see you’ve swaggered to the top of the list for prime property outside London.

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6 Feb 2016

Quite often when we eat out the waiter hands the wine list to Mr MK (Muddy Kent) and he’s also the one who ends up doing the tasting. In fairness sometimes this is simply because I am otherwise occupied extracting the Mini Muddies from under the neighbouring table. But it is also the case that men have traditionally made the decisions about what we should be drinking. I must confess, I’d like to know a bit more than I do.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Kent Edition