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Muddy eats: Eat ‘n’ Mess, Sevenoaks

19 Apr 2016

I must admit I felt a smidge conflicted when new cake and coffee shop Eat ‘n’ Mess opened its doors just six months ago in Sevenoaks. A boutique little cakery selling the most scrummy-looking handmade offerings? Too exciting. But all the baked goodies being free of either gluten, dairy or refined sugar? Will it taste just as good? Cue, worried hand wringing…

Well of course the only way to find out was by trying as many cakes as possible, so yes, *loosens belt buckle a notch* I took a hit for the team.

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Muddy Tries: Food foraging and Wine day

1 Apr 2016

I have discovered a new passion. Foraging. And no, I’m not referring to my rummaging around the back of the kitchen cupboards for some out-of-date pistachios to accompany an early evening G & T. I’m talking wild foraging – the search for foliage, flowers, fruit and fungi out there in its natural habitat. I know, it comes as even more of a surprise to me than you. I’m the person who made their seven-year-old son wear marigolds to clear up the apples that had fallen on the orchard floor surrounding our house because, you know, they were a *tad* mouldy.

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Match your food and drink this Easter

25 Mar 2016

Nipping out to the shops for some last minute Easter wine supplies? Muddy Kent is no stranger to the joys of a good bottle of wine, and the more I meet independent wine merchants the more I appreciate their passion for what they do. Proper indie wine stores are now sadly few and far between, but the ones that are hanging in there are successful because they’re seriously good. And they seriously know their stuff.

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Muddy eats: Graze Kitchen & Bar

14 Mar 2016

When my sister-in-law heard that Graze, a trendy new eaterie and bar combo, was opening on Tonbridge High Street her delighted response was to whoop and do a little starjump at the same time (at least I think it was a delighted response – either that or she stood on the cat…) You see – I’m sure she won’t mind me saying – she likes her food and her drink (a girl after my own heart) and has often bemoaned the lack of decent options on her doorstep.

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Muddy eats: The Beacon, Rusthall

6 Mar 2016

A couple of weeks ago I recommended to Mr Muddy K that we take his mother to The Beacon for her birthday lunch. She has style (quite the glam granny) but doesn’t like too much fuss so I knew this venue (quality food in a relaxed atmosphere) would suit her well. I also knew that I could then write a review to tell you all about it. I am nothing if not a multi tasker!

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Muddy eats: The Milk House, Sissinghurst

26 Feb 2016

Sissinghurst, you’ve put a spring in my step (and I’m not just saying that because I like alliteration). I nipped over to this particularly picturesque part of Kent on Wednesday. The kids were back at school, the sun was shining and I enjoyed a girlie lunch out at a great gastro pub, The Milk House, that I’ve had my eye on for ages. And yes, it lived up to expectations – great service (tick), awesome food (tick), stylish interiors (tick) yet an unpretentious buzz (tick).

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14 Feb 2016

Have you ever got back from a walk and thought ‘Pah, I wish I hadn’t bothered?’ Me neither. This is what I remind myself on Sunday mornings when Walk War erupts in our house. It’s a simple deterioration: Grown ups declare we’re going for a walk. Mini Muddies have nuclear melt down. But when we are all prised away from screens / toys / sofas and the hats, gloves and boots are finally on there’s a shift in the air (and I’m not just talking about the aroma of Mr MK’s welly boot socks).

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Tonbridge sets the trend

9 Feb 2016

Tonbridge I’m keeping my eye on you. You’re rich (in history – that’s some castle) and well connected (direct train to London in 40mins) and you look after your younglings well (you’ve some of the best schools in the country). Where you once had a reputation, dare I say it, for being less prim and proper than some of your neighbouring towns (*gasp*) now I see you’ve swaggered to the top of the list for prime property outside London.

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6 Feb 2016

Quite often when we eat out the waiter hands the wine list to Mr MK (Muddy Kent) and he’s also the one who ends up doing the tasting. In fairness sometimes this is simply because I am otherwise occupied extracting the Mini Muddies from under the neighbouring table. But it is also the case that men have traditionally made the decisions about what we should be drinking. I must confess, I’d like to know a bit more than I do.

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