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Muddy eats: The Kings Head, Wye

2 Aug 2016

If you haven’t yet explored the Kent countryside at the foot of the North Downs (and just North East of Ashford) – here’s 3 reasons Why you should visit Wye. 1) It’s gorgeous location. 2) The fab food at The Kings Head pub and 3) Cool place to stay alert! The pub has just revamped 8 ensuite stylish bedrooms…

Not surprisingly, it was a friend in the food trade that first mentioned this pub to me as it’s very much a rising star at the moment.

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Muddy eats: The Poet, Matfield

21 Jun 2016

Having driven past The Poet numerous times and telling myself I really needed to try out the food there, Mr Muddy Kent and I finally got round to booking a table a couple of weeks ago. Word had reached my shell-like that exciting new changes were taking place at this country pub and that it was starting to make its mark on the foodie map – so slave to the job that I am, in I swooped, napkin tucked in at the ready.

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Muddy eats: Graze Kitchen & Bar

14 Mar 2016

When my sister-in-law heard that Graze, a trendy new eaterie and bar combo, was opening on Tonbridge High Street her delighted response was to whoop and do a little starjump at the same time (at least I think it was a delighted response – either that or she stood on the cat…) You see – I’m sure she won’t mind me saying – she likes her food and her drink (a girl after my own heart) and has often bemoaned the lack of decent options on her doorstep.

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Muddy eats: The Beacon, Rusthall

6 Mar 2016

A couple of weeks ago I recommended to Mr Muddy K that we take his mother to The Beacon for her birthday lunch. She has style (quite the glam granny) but doesn’t like too much fuss so I knew this venue (quality food in a relaxed atmosphere) would suit her well. I also knew that I could then write a review to tell you all about it. I am nothing if not a multi tasker!

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Tonbridge sets the trend

9 Feb 2016

Tonbridge I’m keeping my eye on you. You’re rich (in history – that’s some castle) and well connected (direct train to London in 40mins) and you look after your younglings well (you’ve some of the best schools in the country). Where you once had a reputation, dare I say it, for being less prim and proper than some of your neighbouring towns (*gasp*) now I see you’ve swaggered to the top of the list for prime property outside London.

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