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7 Simple Steps: Change your eating habits FOREVER!

25 Jan 2017

How is it that healthy living no longer seems to be about good old fashioned common sense? Nowadays it’s all about the gadgets (a watch to monitor my every move? No thank you!). There’s also an element of kudos and one-upmanship – and don’t even get me started on the scarily competitive, obsessive ‘clean eating’. Well scrap that people, because we all know that gizmos have a short shelf life and fad diets fail (and are very boring).

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Muddy eats: Eat ‘n’ Mess, Sevenoaks

19 Apr 2016

I must admit I felt a smidge conflicted when new cake and coffee shop Eat ‘n’ Mess opened its doors just six months ago in Sevenoaks. A boutique little cakery selling the most scrummy-looking handmade offerings? Too exciting. But all the baked goodies being free of either gluten, dairy or refined sugar? Will it taste just as good? Cue, worried hand wringing…

Well of course the only way to find out was by trying as many cakes as possible, so yes, *loosens belt buckle a notch* I took a hit for the team.

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