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Try this: ground-breaking new hypnosis

20 Apr 2017

Havening takes hypnotherapies into a brave new world where simply rubbing your arms promises to reduce anxiety and depression by altering the way memories are stored or recalled. What’s more, although there are only a handful of Havening-trained therapists around the world, Tunbridge Well’s own, Chris Meaden, is one of them. Could the latest hands-on Havening technique really cure your anxiety for good?

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6 secrets to finding your super-self

2 Mar 2017

If there was one thing I thought I’d have nailed by now it’s public speaking. To say I get angsty is an understatement – and then of course there’s the small issue of Blank Brain – that awful feeling when your mind totally empties of everything, including your own name. This really started for me when I had kids and took time out from the busy office environment. I have other friends who are preparing to go back to work for the first time since motherhood and for them this fear is an even bigger deal.

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7 Simple Steps: Change your eating habits FOREVER!

25 Jan 2017

How is it that healthy living no longer seems to be about good old fashioned common sense? Nowadays it’s all about the gadgets (a watch to monitor my every move? No thank you!). There’s also an element of kudos and one-upmanship – and don’t even get me started on the scarily competitive, obsessive ‘clean eating’. Well scrap that people, because we all know that gizmos have a short shelf life and fad diets fail (and are very boring).

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We all need a little Hygge

14 Oct 2016

There’s a word that’s attracting a lot of attention at the moment and – unless you’re intending on living under a rock for the foreseeable – you’re likely to be hearing it even more as the autumn/winter rolls in: hygge. Pronounced hoo-ga. A Danish word, it roughly translates to ‘cosiness of the soul’ and is a concept that the Danes embrace (with gusto) to get them through the long, dark months (of which there are six in Scandinavia – can you imagine?

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6 Oct 2016

Laurence Shorter is an author, leadership coach and stand-up comedian and his latest book, The Lazy Guru’s Guide to Life (Orion Books, £14.99) is a charming and lighthearted look at a serious problem. We are all on the hamster wheel and it seems to be getting faster, so how do we stop? Is it really possible to achieve more by doing less, and be happier for it? My friend and fellow editor Sarah Prior over at Muddy Berks had a chat with laziness expert Laurence and he gave her these top tips – find out more if you want to make your day instantly better…

I’m a busy working mum, I haven’t got time to be lazy!

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5 Feb 2016

This summer the biggest sporting event on the planet, will be hosted in the land of the body beautiful – it’s enough to make you quiver in your control pants. I, for one, have made myself a promise that this year (just as soon as it warms up a teensy weensy bit) I’m going to peel off my bed socks, shuffle out there and finally get back in shape. Are you with me?!

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