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Muddy Tries: Food foraging and Wine day

1 Apr 2016

I have discovered a new passion. Foraging. And no, I’m not referring to my rummaging around the back of the kitchen cupboards for some out-of-date pistachios to accompany an early evening G & T. I’m talking wild foraging – the search for foliage, flowers, fruit and fungi out there in its natural habitat. I know, it comes as even more of a surprise to me than you. I’m the person who made their seven-year-old son wear marigolds to clear up the apples that had fallen on the orchard floor surrounding our house because, you know, they were a *tad* mouldy.

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Muddy day trip: taking the treasure trail

31 Mar 2016

Kids are arguing over the Xbox controller. Already? Aaaargh!! Do not despair. I’ve just found something totally cool and different to do with the Mini Muddies in the hols and it’s so cheap it’s almost free. It not only gets you out and about but allows you to explore some of our great county’s wonderful towns in a really fun way. It’s self-guided themed Treasure Trails and it screams ‘holiday saviour’ if not for this Easter, then definitely one to keep up your sleeve for the epic summer holiday break *hyperventilates*.

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Inventive style alert: new mums will love this!

17 Mar 2016

What d’you get when you cross an ex-Boden designer with an savvy business woman determined to make the lives of all new mums easier? Milla London designs, is what. I discovered it early this year when looking for a present for a friend who had just had a baby. With my Mudlets well out of that stage I never thought I could get particularly excited about post baby fashion, but I am. 

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The Muddy Guide: Thurs 25 Feb – Weds 2 Mar

25 Feb 2016

Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London, 11 Feb – 22 May

My fabulous, finger-on-the-pulse colleague Muddy Berks gave me the heads up on this one and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Having been at the forefront of fashion, beauty and portrait photography since its launch in 1916, British Vogue has an enviable and unrivalled archive of outstanding imagery.

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Lesley’s stay young secrets!

23 Feb 2016

What does Lesley Joseph listen to before a big night out? Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell of course! She stole the show as Dorian on TV’s Birds of A Feather and continues to do so now the girls have reunited over 15 years later for another series. She’s also playing one of my all time favourite characters – song-belting, gin-swigging Miss Hannigan in the theatre tour of Annie, The Musical

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Top 10 films

23 Feb 2016

We’re big film fans here at Muddy Kent and we’re very much looking forward to this year’s offerings. Whether you’re looking for a bit of chick flick and chill (Ms Bridget Jones), or something for the rabble (a new Jungle book!) we’ve got you covered. Muddy intern Daisy Ward gives us her recommendations for the coming year. Check them out.

1. Deadpool

The long-awaited Deadpool (it’s taken Ryan Reynolds 11 years to get this to screen) based on the comic character of the same name is finally in cinemas this week.

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Gorgeous gear for girls

17 Feb 2016

Now I can’t be the only Mum out there who started off with the best intentions for dressing my daughter in unique designs but then succumbed to the convenience of fast fashion. It’s all too easy to fill the modern girl’s wardrobe with 3-for-1 t-shirts and lycra leggings. In my defence I did try to avoid that trend for dressing your kid as a ‘mini me’ from age dot (although skinny jeans and the odd gilet do seem to have worked their way into her wardrobe).

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14 Feb 2016

Have you ever got back from a walk and thought ‘Pah, I wish I hadn’t bothered?’ Me neither. This is what I remind myself on Sunday mornings when Walk War erupts in our house. It’s a simple deterioration: Grown ups declare we’re going for a walk. Mini Muddies have nuclear melt down. But when we are all prised away from screens / toys / sofas and the hats, gloves and boots are finally on there’s a shift in the air (and I’m not just talking about the aroma of Mr MK’s welly boot socks).

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The Muddy Kent half-term survival guide, Feb 16

9 Feb 2016

It’s half term already.  I know, it’s hard to believe.  Five minutes ago, we were picking pine needles out of the carpet – now it’s time to figure out how to keep the little darlings amused for a whole week again.

Lucky for us, there’s loads of fun stuff going on across the county and beyond.  Indoors, outdoors, crafty, sporty, musical, you name it.  So, time to get planning. 

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