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First look: Beyonce’s promo for her new fitness line

1 Apr 2016

I have eaten my own body weight in cheese and chocolate this Easter. While wondering how on earth I’m going to redress the balance I’ve come across Beyonce’s hot-of-the-press promo for her new fitness range. And yes it has me a bit inspired and a bit twitchy – not necessarily to sweat it out admittedly, but definitely to buy some of the clobber.

Beyonce’s new range is called Ivy Park, inspired by the local park she exercises/thinks/finds solace in, and is available from from 14 April.

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Inventive style alert: new mums will love this!

17 Mar 2016

What d’you get when you cross an ex-Boden designer with an savvy business woman determined to make the lives of all new mums easier? Milla London designs, is what. I discovered it early this year when looking for a present for a friend who had just had a baby. With my Mudlets well out of that stage I never thought I could get particularly excited about post baby fashion, but I am. 

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Gorgeous gear for girls

17 Feb 2016

Now I can’t be the only Mum out there who started off with the best intentions for dressing my daughter in unique designs but then succumbed to the convenience of fast fashion. It’s all too easy to fill the modern girl’s wardrobe with 3-for-1 t-shirts and lycra leggings. In my defence I did try to avoid that trend for dressing your kid as a ‘mini me’ from age dot (although skinny jeans and the odd gilet do seem to have worked their way into her wardrobe).

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5 Feb 2016

I knew I recognised the name when I heard about this fab new boutique opening its doors just over the border in leafy East Sussex. Let’s be honest, Flamingo Trends isn’t a name you forget, is it? And by jingo I was right! This store has moved from the very centre of Tunbridge Wells (Royal Victoria Shopping Centre) to the rather more quaint – and rather more quiet – Mayfield High Street. 

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