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Heart-warming goodies for your home

31 Oct 2016

The Danish concept of hygge is quickly spreading its warmth across the world.

From slipping your feet into warm slippers to snuggling up on the sofa in a candle-lit living room – add these things to your home and create that cosy feeling that, up until now, we’ve never really had a name for…

And here’s where you can buy the goodies:

1. Faux Fur Throw, Cox & Cox, £225.00


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20 Oct 2016

It feels like forever since I’ve been excited about a fashion brand, so it feels good to have a little sashay down Designer Avenue with Winser London. Hero Brown, the Muddy founder and editor over in Bucks/Oxon put me onto this brand and even though it’s only been around since 2013, primarily as an online-based brand, Winser London has already made a big splash nationally. And there are now pop up shops around the UK, plus concessions in John Lewis and Harvey Nics.

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Affordable art ALERT

20 Oct 2016

Mr Muddy Kent and I were given some art as a wedding present. At the time we barely owned a full set of cutlery, so it seemed mighty extravagant (if you’re nosey, like me, and would like to see what it looks like, click here, to see this post featuring my sitting room). It’s a beautiful canvas by a Vietnamese artist (I know nothing about art or Vietnam) but of all the things we own it has probably brought me the most enjoyment over the years.

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10 beautiful portrait photos that will melt your heart

18 Oct 2016

There are some posts that I just love putting together – and this is definitely one of them. When I asked top portrait photographer Emma Freeman (we are so lucky that she happens to live in the Weald of Kent) to select just a handful of the favourite family photos she has taken it was no easy request. She had to trawl through 40, 000 of them to make her selection for a start. 

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Try this: Style Clinic (the best £10 I’ve spent in ages…)

11 Oct 2016

Like you, I know how I should shop. I should be ruthless, organised, minimal. I should seek out those crucial ‘key items’ for ‘building my wardrobe of wearable classics’. But do I do it? By T.K.Max, I don’t! ‘Capsule’ pieces? *Insert snort of laughter here* – ‘chaotic’ and ‘confused’ more like. A ‘5-piece French wardrobe’? *Snorts coffee right across the room*… I really love that idea. But I have never, ever shopped this way.

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Cool interiors alert: new VintageVibe showroom

27 Sep 2016

It was an unusual shopping list. A mannequin head and a bench for the bedroom. Not your every day essentials it has to be said. These were the couple of bits of furniture my friend and I were seeking in our quest to, you know, zhush up our houses just a little, to distract from the stained coffee tables and Weetabix crushed into the carpet. And we definitely didn’t want to spend a lot.

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GIVEAWAY! Gorgeous earrings up for grabs!

13 Sep 2016

I wrote a post a little while back about super stylish Catherine Hills Jewellery in Tunbridge Wells and how much a love her range. Well she’s only gone and given me this stunning pair of earrings, below, to giveaway to one lucky Muddy reader.

The earrings, called the Spotted Sweetie Hoop, (which sounds a bit like a wonderful tropical bird, so fairly apt for these exotic beauties) are Silver Hoop and 22 ct Gold Plated. 

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