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Giveaway alert: calling all stationery addicts!

11 Apr 2016

I recently treated myself to something that made my pulse race. Shall I give you a clue? It was all butter-soft tan leather and white, clean, crisp lines. No, not a designer dress or handbag, but a personal organiser and it’s hardly left my side ever since.

What is it about a new notebook, a beautiful pen, a gorgeous letter-writing set or a cheeky and fun notecard that unleashes such powerful emotions – especially in us women?

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Muddy gets creative: with Japanese tie dye

4 Apr 2016

Have you heard? Crafting, not cocktails, is the new cool. I’m not saying that champagne martinis in your local bar is totally *out* but the new way to unwind with the girls is by getting creative. Yup, there’s real figures that show, not only are ‘Stitch ’n Bitch’ sessions around the UK on the rise but so are pottery, crochet, baking and jam making classes. That’s right, folks, granny hobbies are in – in a big way.

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Muddy Tries: Food foraging and Wine day

1 Apr 2016

I have discovered a new passion. Foraging. And no, I’m not referring to my rummaging around the back of the kitchen cupboards for some out-of-date pistachios to accompany an early evening G & T. I’m talking wild foraging – the search for foliage, flowers, fruit and fungi out there in its natural habitat. I know, it comes as even more of a surprise to me than you. I’m the person who made their seven-year-old son wear marigolds to clear up the apples that had fallen on the orchard floor surrounding our house because, you know, they were a *tad* mouldy.

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Inventive style alert: new mums will love this!

17 Mar 2016

What d’you get when you cross an ex-Boden designer with an savvy business woman determined to make the lives of all new mums easier? Milla London designs, is what. I discovered it early this year when looking for a present for a friend who had just had a baby. With my Mudlets well out of that stage I never thought I could get particularly excited about post baby fashion, but I am. 

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Early Mother’s Day gift for you!

28 Feb 2016

Mums I have a food related gift for you. No, it’s not Butlers in the Buff. It’s almost as good but in an entirely different way. I bring you the gift of time. It’s what we all long for most, right?

Have you, like me, ever experienced the following scenario? It’s the end of a long day – you’ve walked the dog, sorted the school P.E. kit, done the ironing, cleaned up the kitchen and now you’re looking forward to finally sitting down with a glass of wine.

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