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Giveaway alert: calling all stationery addicts!

11 Apr 2016

I recently treated myself to something that made my pulse race. Shall I give you a clue? It was all butter-soft tan leather and white, clean, crisp lines. No, not a designer dress or handbag, but a personal organiser and it’s hardly left my side ever since.

What is it about a new notebook, a beautiful pen, a gorgeous letter-writing set or a cheeky and fun notecard that unleashes such powerful emotions – especially in us women?

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Calling all stationery addicts!

22 Feb 2016

I’m obsessed with stationery. I was not so much a shoes or handbag girl, but slip me some coloured paperclips and talk 70gsm ivory gilt-edged paper to me and my heart races. I appear to have passed this obsession on to my daughter who is umbilically attached to Smiggle (it’s like the stationery equivalent of crack?!) So you can imagine my sheer joy when I discovered Sloane Stationery a few months ago on Twitter.

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