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Travel trend: how to cruise in serious style

6 Apr 2017

Take your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about holidays. Hey, I saw you roll your eyes and do that whole ‘Pah! I don’t do cruises thing’. But have you heard about the new kind of cruise – boutique river cruises, like this one (pictured) from L.A-based travel agents Uniworld? This is their Bordeaux, Vineyards and Châteaux cruise option, that takes you round South of France’s Bordeaux region, where you’re onboard a small, luxe riverboat (no big ocean faring vessels here) for a week of wine tasting and five-star food.

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29 Mar 2017

You may be getting the idea that we’re totally into spreading the news of anything remotely groovy, cool or quirky the moment it hits. And I thought, you’d defo want to know about these 7 cool new happenings. So, hello and welcome to the Muddy o’clock Superduper Newsflash – bringing you the latest reports on new openings – from a luxury spa/hotel to a cool new country clubhouse… We are SO ON IT! (Just saying…)

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Get holiday inspired!

28 Mar 2017

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve got older I’ve realised that time, rather than money, is a more precious, sought after commodity (deep, yes, I know). I used to think that hours googling holiday destinations would save me pennies, but now I’m not so sure that’s the case. And anyway if there’s an expert that can do the job for me, efficiently and get it right at no extra expense then I’m in.

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6 Hot Holiday Destinations To Book Now!

26 Oct 2016

The clocks go back this Sunday and those lovely daylight hours will gradually dwindle to just seven hours and 40 minutes by December (the winter solstice). Nooooooo!

But it’s okay for 2 reasons. Firstly because there’s still a lot of fun to be had in the coldest part of the year and you’ll be able to read about it all right here on Muddy. And secondly, we can all dream about the next sunshine holiday we’re going on and give ourselves something to look forward to.

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My Favourite Places: Pam Harper from British Fine Foods

23 Aug 2016

Almost 10 years ago, husband and wife team, Andrew and Pam Harper, set up award-winning British Fine Foods – hand picking the best British artisan foods from around the country to create luxury hampers and gifts. Not surprisingly when I asked Pam to let us in on her favourite places they were mainly food related. So come, salivate along side me, as she spills the (rather delicious sounding) beans…

Tavistock Farmers’ Market, Devon

Before setting up British Fine Foods artisan products were already a passion of ours.

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Wouldn’t you though?

30 Apr 2016

*Snort*. Where am I? Oh, my apologies, you woke me up. This is what happens when you stretch out on the world’s sexiest beach towel – it transported me to the Ibiza sunshine, where I was having a Sea Breeze cocktail under sail… Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

*Sigh*. If for you, like me, the St Tropez beach scene isn’t happening anytime soon, you’ll be glad to know the aptly named Dreamers tasselled towel also comes in mighty useful in the back garden, out on picnics or even at festivals.

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Fancy a Spring fling with Tom Hiddleston in Mallorca?!

25 Mar 2016

It was bound to happen. We could never keep Tom or his filming locations to ourselves I suppose. Humph. At a cost of £3 million per episode BBC1’s espionage thriller The Night Manager (final episode on Easter Sunday!) certainly flits around some stunning locations: Mallorca, Marrakech, Madrid, Monaco, Zermatt, and uh, Devon… oh don’t you start, I know it’s very pretty!

Prestige Holidays is one of the first travel companies to pick up on the stunning places featured on the island of Mallorca where a lot of the pivotal scenes were filmed, and realise we’d all want a piece of the action.

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Top 5 Rough Luxe holidays

5 Feb 2016

Maybe you were like me, back in your *sigh* early twenties (pre-kids, pre-mortgage), and were lucky enough to do a bit of travelling. At that time the tourism industry was much more sharply divided into two categories – the independent travellers (backpacks and a devil-may-care attitude) or package holiday goers (itinerary sorted for you and everything pre-paid). Us independent travellers could imagine nothing worse than being told where to go and what to do (especially since that ‘what to do’ might involve dressing up for a round-the-pool theme night).

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