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From Mitchell to Morticia!

Ex-Eastenders star Samantha Womack on The Addams Family fun & the secret of a happy marriage

As if it wasn’t enough that her character met a watery demise earlier this year in Eastenders, now Samantha Womack is playing none other than the ultimate walking-dead diva, Morticia Addams, in the hit musical The Addams Family (coming to Orchard Theatre Dartford just in time for Halloween). She’s perfectly cast of course seeing as she can sing (remember she performed A Message To Your Heart in the Eurovision Song Contest?) and she’s got those killer cheekbones. I caught up with her to talk style, marriage and being the monster mum of a family of ghouls.

Q: The Addams Family is all about a family with a fun, freakish dark side. Can you tell us a bit about the character you play, Morticia Addams, and how you play her in this production?

Well because the characters are so enduring and the story has been popular for a while people have expectations of what they want to see. You have to fulfill some of those – like the vampiness of Morticia but also, being on stage rather than a film, you can’t just stand still and be wooden the whole time so I’m more willowy, I play her a bit softer. I focus on the maternal side a bit at the beginning so that when the big bust up comes (without giving too much away) it’s all the more dramatic.

Do you have a darkside and, if so,  how does it manifest itself?

Silent fury. Ha! No, I’d definitely say I’m more of the volatile and passionate type – I explode but then move on quickly and forget about arguments too.

You’re rocking the black slinky dress look! What’s your personal style?

I love black actually. Obviously I’m normally a blonde and find bright colours too bold or harsh with my colouring. So I like to work the dark look in and out of character.

And when you’re off stage do you prefer heels or flats?

Flats! I can’t bear proper high heels. An old school friend of mine used to call me Fog Horn Leg Horn because essentially she was saying I was loud and tall! But actually I really don’t like towering above everyone else so in truth it’s pumps for me.

Ha! Do’t you just love school friends, hey? Morticia says the secret to a long and happy marriage is to be scrupulously honest with each other, no secrets, and three tangos a day. Do you agree – what’s your thoughts on a lasting relationship?
Yes Morticia is all about passion and truth and I couldn’t agree more. I’d add in compromise too.
You’re a mum too, does your household go big on Halloween?
Oh yes! I love Halloween – it’s my favourite time of year. We dress up, we throw parties, we decorate… You know George Orwell-style pigs’ heads, dolls floating in bowls of blood – that kind of thing – it’s all lots of fun!
What little part of Morticia will you take away with you when you finish touring?
That’s easy – definitely her love for her family. Dead or undead, basically everything she does is based on love.
Samantha Womack stars in The Addams Family at Orchard Theatre Dartford, Tues 31 Oct-Sat 4 Nov. Book tickets

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