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YOUR questions answered: Antony Costa

Antony Costa stars in swinging 60s musical Save The Last Dance For Me – currently touring the UK and coming to Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, Mon 4 Jul to Sat 9 Jul. When I was given the opportunity to chat to him I posted a request for your interview questions on Facebook – many of you responded – and what clever *staggers in amazement* clean questions they were. Over to you…


What can audiences expect from this show? 

Liz, from Marden

Save the Last Dance for me is a great uplifting show, with amazing music that will get your feet taping! Like always Bill has produced and directed a great Musical. Audiences should expect captivating music from the early 60s, with all of the Rock’n’Roll classics featured throughout. As well as the great music, audiences will fall in love with the story set by the sea-side just like I did. This is a feel-good musical, and one to remember and tell all of your friends and family about.

You’ve already appeared on stage a few times – how does musical theatre compare to your days on tour with Blue?

Claire, from Sissinghurst

Being involved in Theatre as well as being in a band are both amazing experiences, but both so brilliant in different ways. We had so many big moments with Blue – touring the world with the boys, meeting fans, seeing amazing places, alongside singing with legends such as Sir Elton John and Stevie Wonder. I love the challenge of theatre with different audiences every night. Although it is very different to girl fans screaming, there’s still a huge feeling of success with the rest of the cast at the end of each night and performance. I have also developed a love for performing in panto which I have done over the last few years. It’s something that never gets boring and is also very different to my past boy band life. The adjustment has been a big change from music to theatre, but it’s something that I’m really enjoying at this point in my life.

L-r Hannah Nicholas

Are you into 60s music (like Save The Last Dance For Me stuff) What’s your favourite era / songs?

Phil, from Deal

Each era of music has good reason to be a favourite. I loved the old Motown music as a kid, it’s the kind of music that you can listen to any-time, it’s uplifting, and takes me back to those great moments when I listened to it as a kid. In terms of favorite artists and bands I tend to favor older music rather than current music; I love Elvis, Sinatra, The Beatles, The 4 Seasons, and then Earth Wind and Fire and George Michael. I have some great songs in the show, especially Viva Las Vegas which is amazing as I’m a massive Elvis fan! I also perform One, Two, Three by Len Barrie which is a great song. I love them all, I would listen to these songs as a kid, so it’s a great opportunity to make them your own.  But listening to these songs is nothing like performing with the live band which we have on stage throughout the show; that just lifts your mood. That’s what I truly think is great about the show.

The story is about first love and early romance. Do you channel any personal experiences?!  

Sarah, from Woodchurch

People are always learning from different relationships. The story that Save the Last Dance for Me tells is one that we can probably all relate too. This is why I love performing in this show as I feel that when every performance finishes everybody in the audience including me can channel some sort of personal experience. Whether this is early romance, first love or any other feelings and emotions that follow experiences related to love.

What advice will you be giving your daughter Savannah about boys/dating when she grows up and the times comes? 

Yvonne, Tonbridge

I would definitely advise Savannah to be super careful. I will vet each boy before she goes out with him, which like any daughter I’m sure she will hate! It will be super hard for me when I see my little girl starting to grow up and do her own thing. I obviously have a long way to go until I have to start worrying about things like that yet, so I’ll cherish the time that she is reliant on us… and doesn’t even know what dating is!

L-r Sackie Osakonor

Who out of the boys from Blue are you still in touch with – and do you do family get togethers with the kids?! 

Dionne, from Kilndown

I speak to all of the boys all the time; we’re still super close and have catch-up’s whenever we can fit them in. The bond between all of us that developed whilst touring, living and travelling as a band, is one which will never fade away! We haven’t actually had any family get togethers yet as it can be hard to put aside time for the 5 of us, let alone organising a big family get together. Maybe a BBQ this summer would be nice, that’s if we can get rid of this rain.

Have you shared touring tips / stories with Duncan? (I saw him on stage in Priscilla!)  

Amanda, from Offham

Me and Duncan have definitely shared some funny stories about personal experiences from different theatre venuesA lot happens whilst in a show that tours, meaning that we will learn from every experience and can always share tips with one another. This is one of the great things about keeping in such close contact with the lads; we’re all continuing to grow and develop outside of Blue, but still want to support one another in our new career paths. Me and Duncan are super lucky that we can relate so well to one another. It’s just great to know someone so close to me can understand both the amazing parts of a touring show, alongside the sometimes tough and tiring parts!

Do you find it harder to keep in shape now you’re a few years older than your boy band days? 

Emma from Rusthall

Keeping in shape does get harder as you get older as all of our bodies change and many people reading this will understand the occasional struggle! What I would say is that I’m super lucky I am in Save the Last Dance for Me, as it keeps me active and on my feet a lot of the time, which I really enjoy. It is hard to set time aside to hit the gym, but this lifestyle is very much the same as my lifestyle touring with Blue, so I’m used to it. I do what I can to keep in shape and enjoy it when I can!

Antony Costa in Save the Last Dance for Me (c)Mark Yeoman

There was a lot written about the break up of Blue and how you fell onto hard times. With a wife, daughter and successful solo career do you feel like life is on track right now?  

Georgie from Sevenoaks

Very much so – I feel that there is now light at the end of the tunnel for me. I’m so lucky for the support from my lovely wife and our beautiful daughter Savannah brings so much happiness to the both of us! Having a successful solo career is amazing, knowing that I could do something further than Blue, when the end of the band seemed like the end of an amazing journey. I love the buzz of being in the West End and being in Save the Last Dance for Me, it gives me another chance to perform and commit to something that I adore doing. I would say my life is definitely on the right track at the moment and can only wish it continues to carry on this way in the near future.

What’s next for you? 

Beth & Stevie from Faversham

This is always a hard question as none of us really know what’s around the corner for us. So my true answer to that question is I have no idea at all! As you may have figured from what I’ve said already I really do love my solo career that I’ve built and hope that I can be involved with another tour or maybe even a TV series. Let’s see how it goes…

Save The Last Dance For Me, Assembly Hall Theatre, Crescent Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU, Tel: 01892 530613, Mon 4 Jul to Sat 9 Jul

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