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Word is the current economic climate means there’s no better time to invest in alternative assets such as art. Gallery owner and art consultant Susan Beumée has nurtured exclusive relationships with some of world’s best artists making this Tunbridge Wells gallery a local gem with world-wide clout. Go see!

In times of high and rising inflation, art has performed historically well across all market sectors. Typically when there is an uncertain market, people look to purchase art as a form of an investment and not just a beautiful object.

There is no better time than now to invest in alternative assets such as art. Tangible, beautiful works of art will maintain or increase their value over time. There is also a prestige associated with art that will never change.

Beumée Contemporary Fine Art specialises in diverse and superior artwork from some of the most prominent, living investment artists today. They are able to suggest artists that complement each other to ensure that you create the perfect display of artwork in your surroundings; they also offer guidance when selecting further pieces that you may wish to be added to existing artwork so as to create a setting that will inspire.

Larger collections from all their artists can be viewed on their website. To discuss a specific commission or for a more tailored service, you can click here to contact the gallery direct.

Their full list of services include:

  • Art consultancy
  • Corporate and public artwork and consultancy
  • Home visits
  • Gallery hire
  • Interior design
  • Art for Luxury Yachts
  • Exterior art for gardens

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