Kate Baker

Kate Baker is a mosaic and glass fusion artist from Deal, Kent. Influenced by Nature and its beauty, her work draws inspiration from picturesque landscapes and seascapes within her locality. Working in two mediums gives pieces a vibrancy where incorporating texture, colour, flow and movement into her work is key.

Kate develops her passion for upcycling by combining conventional mosaic materials with picque-assiette, (using patterns on discarded ceramics), to create new unique pieces of visual and tactile art with a history, but also a new life. Each piece is handmade; crafted with passion and individuality so is totally unique.

During her Education, art was a release from Kate’s successful Junior athletics career. In 1992 she trained as a secondary PE teacher and taught for 17 years to 2013. In 1997 she got married and learned how to mosaic from a book by Martin Cheek and a new hobby was born. In 2012 Kate completed his 7 day advanced mosaic and glass fusion course. By late 2013, due to reoccurring medical injury, she left her teaching job and started a new venture selling mosaic art. Kate exhibits and sells regularly at art events/galleries/ a collaborative shop and runs beginner workshops.


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