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Sarah Gillmore

Muddy says: A Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant who looks at the whole picture – your relationship with clothes, body-image, body-confidence and style-aspirations – before giving spot on suggestions on what you should wear.

I am a Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant who takes a therapeutic, intuitive, positive approach to styling.

I am as interested in who someone is, their relationship with clothes, their body-image, body-confidence, and style-aspirations as in what they should wear.

My clients come from all different stages of life and situations: women who have lost a sense of self during child-rearing, women who have gone through a separation and need confidence to step out again, those who have changed career or returned to work and need a new way or representing themselves, women who have lost body-confidence as a result of childbirth (weight-gain) or the menopause, or those who just need pulling out of a style-rut which is no longer who they are. I also help confident, professional women who just don’t have the time to shop for a working wardrobe which helps them look professional, stylish and approachable.

Many busy women find shopping overwhelming, boring, demoralizing or uninspiring. I enjoy taking that pressure away and doing it for them! Once I have the key pieces of information I can take my client under my wing and devote time and focus on providing them with their signature look (true to who they are), stream-lining their wardrobe, and dressing them for occasions. Even away from the “job”, I am always on the look-out for them.

My main passion is helping women address the issues which stop them looking and feeling as fabulous as they are!

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