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Meet Becky

This lady has just spent 3 hours at my house. She's counselled me (emotionally), given me the gift of time AND it will all help towards saving the planet. Step into Becky's Wardrobe - could she help you?

‘I’ve got nothing to wear’. ‘My wardrobe is a mess’. ‘I’m overwhelmed by my clothes.’ These are the 3 statements Becky, of Becky’s Wardrobe, hears the most. Describing herself as a Style Confidante, with over 20 years in the fashion industry, including a stint as a Head of Buying @ Asos – there’s nothing Becky does’t know about clothes.

And if any of these above statements apply to you I can highly recommend a wardrobe edit, with someone like Becky – it has a real, long-lasting impact on your day-to-day life.

Clothes play a huge role in how you feel, it’s not superficial, but deeply psychological. And being wardrobe smart can not only have a positive impact on your identity – it can also give you the gift of time AND help towards saving the planet. Wanna hear more?


I need outfits for the various personas (or is the plural personae?) of a working mum – moving from the school run, to work meetings to the odd evening out (if I’m lucky). Much the same story for most of us, right? So ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you feel like you’re in a fashion slump?

2. Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but with nothing to wear?

3. Have you lost your sense of identity or style?

4. Do you suffer from lack of confidence?

5. Have you recently had a change in lifestyle (ie become a new mum / ended a relationship / started a new career)

6. Do you want to be more environmentally-friendly?

Number 2 and 6 resonate the most with me. I don’t want to buy clothes I don’t actually need (or possibly even like) that suffocate my wardrobe and planet. Enter Becky, like a fashion fairy-godmother.

Having already undergone a bit of a self-imposed Wardrobe Edit after moving house what I needed most from Becky was an Outfit Building session. But if your wardrobe is bursting at the seams (with twenty-year old dresses you’re keeping just in case) and hasn’t been pruned for years then a Wardrobe Edit might be the best option for you.

For me, the Outfit Building session was because I want to look half decent without wanting to spend lots on fast fashion that will just add to the existing environmental crisis and huge clothing piles.


My days of binge shopping online or frantically hitting the high street are long gone. Don’t get me wrong – I do shop – but I shop smart.


Without endless time or dosh l want my purchases to matter. You’ve heard the expression before – cost per wear. Go for quality (not quantity) and you won’t regret it.


Making the wardrobe I’ve already got work harder for me was my real goal. It’s a preoccupation I’m noticing more and more with my friends – some have even vowed not to buy new for a whole year (steady on!). Either way, when you’re in your thirties, forties, fifties… you’ve already accumulated a lot of stuff and most of us are trying to buy less not more.


Becky offers a number of services to make you wardrobe smart:

  • Wardrobe edits
  • Outfit building
  • Personal shopping
  • Holiday packing edits
  • Her own personal wardrobe for rent


This depends on what service you’re after. If it’s a Wardrobe Edit or Outfit Building session she’ll come to your house. Personal shopping will take place in central London, unless you’re particularly keen to go elsewhere.

As a rental client you’ll visit Becky’s home in Sutton Valence to explore her walk-in wardrobe and separate dressing room. She encourages you to take your time to look through her wardrobe, ask for advice and try on at your leisure.

Some of her clients link this service in with a recent wardrobe or outfit building edit. They often feel they are missing something from their wardrobe for an up and coming event and they don’t want to buy something for a one off wear. This may be an evening event, an interview, or a weekend away.  It is also an opportunity to see if a missing piece could be a connecting wardrobe piece for you.

She offers a drop off and collection delivery service within a 10 mile radius of her house in my electric car, as you may not always be in need to take items away with you.


Once you’re no longer stuck on autopilot, you’ll no longer be riddled with hundreds of pairs of black trousers, striped Breton tops and skinny jeans. Becky will give you the focus you need to be a savvy, stylish shopper and ultimately make fashion fun and more sustainable.

Becky is so friendly and approachable I was immediately relaxed in her company. I chatted to her like an old friend, even although we had only just met. You can feel her passion about people, but also how we dress and consume.

A session with Becky should:

  • Create more time in your life
  • Rediscover and define your own unique style identity
  • Maximise, edit and connect with your existing wardrobe
  • Plan ahead to confidently step into any occasion

Between Becky and I we drilled down to the detail of exactly what’s missing in my wardrobe – key, capsule items that will allow me to make more outfit combinations. Then I was given a detailed and specific list with suggestions of where to purchase these items.

Below is a snippet from my individual Outfit Building Report, as provided by Becky, and some rather dodgy photos of me trying on different outfit combinations from my own, existing wardrobe.


Wardrobe Edit, £350; Outfit Building Session, £350 and Personal Shopping, £350 (min 3 hours recommended for each of these).



There were a few rediscoveries, and lots of outfit combinations that I’d never even considered putting together. Clearly £350 is no small amount of money, but this is not something I would do very often – probably only needed every decade or every signicant life change. And it’s definitely saved me money by changing the way I look at my wardrobe and in turn how I’ll continue to shop. For me the environmental responsibility was a big consideration. But actually I really benefited from the self-esteem boost too – thanks Becky!

Becky’s Wardrobe, Sutton Valence, Kent, 07739 460827,

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