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The best kids’ party EVER?


Looking for an action-packed kids’ birthday party that doesn’t leave you reaching for your hipflask/valium? Gadzooks, I think I have it! What’s more it will win you major brownie points and is good value for money. Praise be!

My youngest Muddy is on the whole a fun-loving gentle soul, but boy does he love action/army/battles. Oh and Nerf – big-time (so does my daughter for that matter). He asked about paint-balling but, as this was his 8th birthday, he’s too young (apparently one bruises like a peach!). I have friends who have put on foam-dart firing parties at home – but the flash-backs and hand-tremors didn’t leave them for weeks.


Luckily for me, I already had a plan. I’d heard about Mega Blaster World a Kent-based company who run Dart Tag and Foam Ball events and private parties. They even get hired by schools for summer fairs where kids can enjoy water-gun fun or aiming at targets. They’ve been at my mudlets’ school several times, which is how I know about them, and it was the busiest, most successful stall by far on each occasion.


They operate out of two village halls – Groombridge or Benenden and 2 hour exclusive party hire with a minimum 15 people with unlimited Darts costs £16.00 per person. This covers a full 90 minutes game time and up-to 45 mins for your own party food (both halls have a separate designated party food area). If you want them to come to your house or school then you can ask for the Mobile Nerf Party package, which costs £18.50 per person unless you have 20 children or more which is then charged at the lower rate £16.00 per person and could look something like this…


Darryl, the dad who runs it, is absolutely brilliant with the kids, turns up with all the kit (right down to certificates for all) and sets it up in advance of the party. He, and his helper Charlie, expertly controlled all the boisterous boys and the fun was very much focused around ‘games’ rather than just a random free-for-all including Last Man Standing, which my daughter actually won. Woo-hoo – Katniss Everdeen eat your heart out – let’s hear it for the girls!

All the Nerfs and darts are provided. Darryl’s great on the details too – setting up the tables for our party food for us, bringing a CD player and the all-important atmospheric, thumping music. At the end he hands out certificates and prizes as well.


I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that foam bullets are soft so don’t hurt, but still you wouldn’t want one in the eye – but Darryl is well-versed in all the health & safety elements and provides protective eye-wear too.


It was a massively successful party – or at least the kids tell me so – I managed to skulk off to the kitchen and catch up with family friends and half a pack of chocolate fingers. See what I mean – such value for money! It was one of the least stressful parties I’ve organised – except for the small matter of me leaving half the party food back home in the fridge and Mr Muddy’s emergency dash to Sainsburys. But even that didn’t raise our pulse rates, we knew Darryl had it covered.


He even somehow manages to make the clearing up of all the darts part of the game and so the kids did this all in good grace. (I really need to watch his technique.) So if you’re after a party that is both high-octane and highly organised, I think this could be the perfect package. Hands up if you had fun!


Oh, and just in case, anyone is judging me for not getting involved in the Nerf arsenal action, rest assured I did shimmy through the kitchen hatch for a few moments to channel my inner Lara Croft… Like. A. Mirror. Image.


Email:, Tel: 01892 523693, Mobile: 07877 871715,

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4 comments on “The best kids’ party EVER?”

  • Simon Webb May 18, 2017

    Superb !!

    • aliagnew May 19, 2017

      You’re talking about my Lara Croft shooting skills of course, Simon! Megablaster parties are pretty superb too! xA

  • Darryl May 19, 2017

    Ha ha………of course he is……………….Dx

    • aliagnew May 19, 2017

      The kids had almost as much fun as the adults… xA


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