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Baboo Box

Muddy says: A pregnancy survival kit that just thinks of everything you may need EVERY step of the way – now why wasn’t this around when I was pregnant many moons ago?!

Sometimes the best plans are made at the dead of night on very little sleep and Baboo Box is testament to that. In a little corner of Canterbury, sisters Ruth and Jess,were drinking tea and trying to get a new-born to sleep and hatching a plan. They had been discussing their pregnancies and how there are sooooo many things to deal with, from morning sickness in the first trimester to heartburn in the third, not to mention the reality of actually taking the baby home.

They cleverly realized that most of us are totally unprepared for this and what was needed was a survival kit for pregnancy. What better way to receive this, than in four beautifully packaged little boxes, one for each trimester.  By 7am the tea was drunk, the baby was asleep and the Baboo Box was born. Now why didn’t I think think of this genius plan!

Both sisters share complementary skills to help bring Baboo Boxes to the masses (Tatler have already sung its praises) as Jess’s background is in beauty therapy so she is responsible for researching and deciding upon the items in each of the boxes and Ruth’s specializes in media and sales so she handles the marketing side of the business.

Baboo Box have four boxes that will truly help you through each stage of your pregnancy (with a little fun thrown in for good measure) starting with the First Trimester Box – Morning Wellness which includes products which are great at combating nausea. Expect to find products such as GinGins Sweets (ginger is known to help nausea. Suck 2-3 of these tasty sweets for 2-3 days to battle that morning sickness – they had me at the word Gin to be honest) plus that all-important: Trouser Extender to accommodate your expanding tummy so no need for a new pair of jeans just yet!

The Second Trimester, Well Hello bump, box is the ideal gift for pregnant women from week 16 onwards, as it is perfect for aiding sleep and contains gems such as SBC Lavendar Room and Pillow Spray (calming Lavender and Water Lily essentials oils will calm the mind and body when spritzed on your pillow before bed) leading you onto The Third Trimester box – The Big Push – which has been designed for pregnant women from week 28 onwards and is just the ticket for soothing aches and pains. Seek and ye shall find thoroughly helpful products such as The Little Herb Hut Wheat bag (a hand made wheat bag, heat it up in the microwave to ease tired muscles or chill in the freezer to soothe swollen feet).

Last but by no means least is the Final Delivery Baboo Box aimed at mother and baby – with ace products such as Good Bubble Bubble Bath (suitable for newborns upwards, contains no nasties and is made from 98% naturally derived ingredients) and Mamas Secret Shop Teething Necklace (beautiful handmade necklaces made from food grade silicone beads – something pretty for mum and handy for a teething baby) so they really have thought of everything….

As you can imagine from such a beautifully thought out brand, Ruth and Jess have tried to support independent companies when selecting products.  Many of these products have also won mother and baby awards, have been featured in the natural beauty bible and, where possible, they have used recycled and recyclable packaging. Each Baboo Box costs £35 (free P&P) and if you subscribe to all boxes, you can save 15%.

If you are looking to gift somebody who is about to embark on the exciting but slightly scary and crazy pregnancy journey, you really should be considering Baboo Box ( or if you are expecting a baby, why not send a few ‘helpful’ hints to your partner and family or if all else fails, just invest in them for yourself!



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