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Bradshaw and Sons

Old-school manufacturing meets timeless sophistication in this satchel design – the first in a line of handmade leather accessories from this local designer. And with only 50 first additions available in the Sevenoaks Satchel don’t hesitate to bag yours now (boom boom)…

Inspired by the bags of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, when artistry was paramount, the Sevenoaks Satchel is a respectful nod to history, a new classic for a changed world.

This artisan handbag, that combines old-school manufacturing with timeless sophistication, was conceived in a workshop located within the town after which it’s named and made by creator James Bradshaw’s own two hands: cutting, dying and stitching.

It took 3 years of blood, sweat and tears to design and make the perfect satchel. Be seduced by the scent of polished saddle leather, impeccable hand craftsmanship, and a design that’s both vintage and modern.

It’s the friend you can’t live without: by your side when you’ve bought too many things or when you forgot your umbrella in a rainstorm. Generously roomy for all your essentials, it can be depended on at times most needed.

Showcasing cast brass hardware from a British foundry, this scratch-resistant, crack-resistant accessory is an understated piece of wearable art. Finished with a signature formulation wax, mixed in-house, this bag is dependable and made to endure.

The genius of this icon-in-the-making is the more it ages the better it gets. Streamlined and minimalist but imbued with character, the Sevenoaks Satchel is your new style must-have.

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