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Heart Smart Arts

Heart Smart Arts offer creative, bonding opportunities and clever parenting support all rolled into one. Genius!

Introducing the brilliant Heart Smart Arts. We love these art and craft packs, inspired by Art Therapy and designed by a Qualified Art Therapist and Primary School teacher, Harriet. The cleverly designed packs for children to use with their caregivers encourage happiness, resilience, the ability to emotionally self-soothe and adapt to change.

Harriet was inspired through her work in art therapy to help busy parents or caregivers who are worried or struggling with their children’s emotional behaviour. In such hectic (and sometimes stressful!) times these craft kits are a brilliant tool to help our children to express themselves, their feelings and connect with family members through art making in an environment where they feel safe.

The packs will suit children aged between 4 and 15 years old (and can even be for grown-up children. Yaaay!). Each art pack is personalised to your needs. This is not another time-filler, check the box, activity to feel pressure about (we’ve got enough of those!). This is an opportunity for connection and growth at your own pace. Some of the packs can be done in an hour or two, some could be done over a few sessions spanning a couple of weeks.

We love the Happiness Booster kit. Create a Gratitude Box, designed to bring more joy and gratitude into your life! All the craft materials and instructions are supplied. When your child is feeling great or has a fun experience they can write something and put it in the box for when they are not feeling so good.

If they feel a bit low, they can get out the Gratitude Box to lift their mood to somewhere more joyful and positive. So many benefits from one little craft kit! These include a happiness boost, a special way to store meaningful memories, an opportunity to find out which moments really matter and not to mention the bonding, creative and playful opportunities when creating the box.

The Recharge Button kit is inspired (and Heart Smart Arts’ own alternative to the ‘naughty corner’!). This is a kit where you create a brilliant ‘recharge button’. A fun way to help children ‘power up’ or ‘calm down’ and importantly give then a plan of action when they are feeling upset.

This little gem will help them discover what they are feeling, give them some options for what to do to feel better and help them put these into action. A clever solution for parents and children. The benefits include positive behaviour management and reinforcement, an opportunity to explore emotions and feelings and all whilst they express their creativity. Genius!

Further art packs from Heart Smart Arts include the ‘Dream Catcher kit’, ‘Grounding Creatures kit’, ‘Affirmation Band kit’ or a bespoke art pack. Prices start at £12.50 for a Gratitude Jar kit and packs can be purchased individually at Heart Smart Arts.


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