• Property Flirt

    It’s about that time of the week when I feel like a big fat snoop around a grand design so here we are in sunny Langton Green, near Tunbridge Wells – just think of me as a less grumpy Kevin McCloud (and slightly shorter with more hair). Let’s go in and have a poke around. Welcome to our fanciest […]

  • Property Flirt

    Shall we celebrate spring and all this glorious spring weather with a goosey gander around a gorgeous family home (aka poking our nose into someone else’s property). Yes, I think so too. We’re sashaying over to Sevenoaks for this month’s Property Flirt, and Pigeons Green is a gorgeous reason to do just that. And, yes, that is it’s real name. […]

  • Can YOU guess the price…?

    Help! I’m in a love triangle and I just can’t choose between the two. Am I a city girl at heart or a country girl? The cottage in the middle-of-nowhere where I’m currently living has shown me the beauty of space and peace. But I do hanker after, okay not the city, but at least […]

  • Property Flirt

    Right property smarty-pants, let’s see if you can guess how much this one’s worth! Little Allens has got something for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s got the location, cute country-cottage thing going on yet with expansive space and stunning modern interiors. Oh, and I’ve not yet mentioned the equestrian facilities… So, petticoats on show, and off […]

  • Property Flirt

    Shall we celebrate the end of Dry January with a nose around our most stonkingly, spectacular Property Flirt yet? Of course we should *claps hands vigorously*! And boy does Stede Court rise to the occasion. Firstly, it’s the most expensive Property Flirt I’ve written about so far, giving a little Hey Big Spender sequin and shimmy to proceedings. Secondly, it’s […]

  • Property Flirt

    Shall we celebrate the start of a new year with a nose around a gorgeous family home in Kent? Yes, I think so too. Usual rules apply – look at the pics and description, guess the price and do a victory dance around the kitchen/office/dentist’s waiting room, when you get it spot on. So, a few little […]

  • Property Flirt

    Here I am back again, your Fairy Property Godmother, sprinkling superb square footage, hot tubs and underfloor heating everywhere I go. Yes peeps, it’s the Flirt Alert, time for you to kick back with a cuppa and nosey through the corridors and cupboards of another gorgeous pad in our regular Property Flirt feature. You know the […]

  • Property Flirt:

    Are you ready to get Flirty Gertie? Time for one of my favourite bits of the blogaroo! Because, yes I’m nosey and yes I have property envy and yessity yes YES I want to pretend for a moment that I’m going to be living in this house one day. If you haven’t played Property Flirt […]

  • Property Flirt

    It’s the latest in our popular new section, Property Perv, uh, I mean Flirt. The perfect excuse to ogle other people’s amazing houses, peer through the keyhole and see if you can guess how much this piece of prime property is worth. Take a look at the pics below, and my little snippets about the […]

  • Property Flirt

    Fancy a nose around this country idyll? There’s a barn and full equestrian facilities – paddocks, stables, stable boy… Okay, so I can’t be sure about the latter, but we won’t know unless we have a snoop around. So what are we waiting for? Usual rules apply – look at the pics and description, guess […]

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