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My friend Kate turned up for dinner recently with a bottle in one hand and a box of home-laid eggs in the other. And I must admit, it was the closest I’ve ever come to wanting some chickens of my own. You see her gifted eggs weren’t in a tatty, slightly smeared, supermarket box. Oh no. They were in a brightly coloured box, with her own branded stamp!


I had to admit they made a pretty perfect dinner-party present – managing to be both smugly gifted and gratefully received at the same time. Suddenly my friend was making having chickens so chic. Perhaps this could be my (okay, rather token, but at least manageable) tippy-toe in the waters of sustainability?

So I’m very tempted to take the plunge… I just need to get past Kate then going on to describe her chicken’s infestation of Red Mites – and while I’ve no idea what it really means the name sounds a little too much like one of the symptoms experienced by the victims in sci-fi horror, 28 Days Later, for my liking.

Anyway, that’s the joy of this bespoke stamp, £32, made by Kent-based Fraser & Parsley. It doesn’t matter what your actual chickens look like because the stamp comes with a lovely, plump looking Orpington hen on it. Not a scratchy, patchy chicken in sight. You just add in the name of the hens that lay your eggs, or your house, farm, family etc. And (Farmer) Bob’s your Uncle… You’re a vision of pastoral perfection!


Fraser & Parsley

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