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On the lash!

Wide-eyed wonder! I've had my lashes LVL'd - lengthened, volumnised, lifted - and I love them!

Being someone that has a very basic beauty routine/is short on time I’m always looking for the little things that make a big difference – aren’t we all?  And since turning 40 and noticing that my eyelids had started sagging and swallowing up my lashes – which aren’t long enough for my liking and far too straight – I’ve decided to lift my game. Quite literally. Can’t do a lid-lift (haven’t got the cash or guts) so what’s the next best thing? Lifting my lashes of course. They’ve been lifted, curled and tinted, to be precise.

Regular Muddy readers might remember Camden Villa Hair – a great hidden gem of a hair salon off the beaten track. Well Linsey that runs it recommended Dream Lashes – a similar out of the way/word-of-mouth kind of find, where the very lovely therapist Helen Aldridge offers (you guessed it smarty pants) lash lifts and eyelash extensions. The wiggly road leading there is just opposite the Golford Road/Dulwich School exit road and looks like this (above).

Helen operates Dream Lashes out of her home, above. She has a comfy, clean little salon at the back of her house (pictured below) which actually has a very glamorous connection of its own. Little Swallows was the family holiday home of Elizabeth Taylor no less (now she had some lovely lashes).

I got the Elleebana LVL (Length Volume Lift) treatment. This basically tint and curls the natural lashes making them appear longer and prettier without the need for extensions. LVL for lashes are nothing new but they are starting to get mainstream – not just a well kept secret used by the beauty fash pack.

It lasts 6-8 weeks (depending on the life cycle of your lashes) and is all about working with what you have so appeals to people like me who like the natural look. If you’re after the full-on WOW effect, maybe for a special occasion, then Helen also does classic eyelash extensions using really top quality lashes & adhesives from Lash Perfect.

Now if you, like I did, think that having your lashes permed sounds uncomfortable, then you might be pleasantly surprised. It’s an unusual sensation at first, but not particularly uncomfortable and certainly not painful. In fact, according to Helen many of her clients go to sleep while they’re having it done – a Lash Nap as she calls it. And had I not been madly picking Helen’s brain for everything there is to know about the LVL treatment, I’d probably have dropped off too. It’s not often I get to lay down with my eyes closed for around 40 mins (which is roughly how long it takes) in the middle of the day.

However it is worth mentioning that my friend, Sarah, who is slightly claustrophobic, even tried it. She didn’t like the idea of having her eyes taped closed for the best part of an hour. She needed a fair bit of reassurance before undertaking the treatment, but not only did she survive she’s even been back for more since! Here’s a photo above, of the treatment in process, so you know what to expect.

You’ll need to go for a patch test 24 hours before you have the treatment, to ensure you don’t have any reaction to the various dyes and chemicals. The first time you go Helen goes for a gentler lift to make sure your lashes take to the treatment – after that you can go for more of a dramatic look. So want to see? This pic below is a close up of my lashes after – totally free of curler or mascara.

It’s important to keep your eyes dry – so no sappy films, hot steamy baths, showers, or hovering near the boiling kettle – for at least 24 hours as this may cause your lashes to drop.

Helen is specifically trained to give lash treatments and she charges £45 for the 40 minute treatment which is a fairly standard price. So did I think it was worth it? Well the problem with all these things is that once you’ve seen an improvement it’s very hard to go back to your *cough* ‘old’ look and I must admit I’m loving my dark curled lashes.

I mean the effect is not as dramatic as it would be for someone who had better lashes to work with in the first place but there’s still definitely a subtle, pretty lift which is what I was after. You can do this before a holiday, swim every day and your lashes will maintain their dark and lifted look. It feeds in perfectly to the lazy/time-starved girl in me. And if I want a more dramatic look, I just add mascara.

Dream Lashes, Little Swallows, Golford Road, Cranbrook, TN17 3NS, Tel: 07919 925500,

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2 comments on “On the lash!”

  • Nicky January 19, 2018

    I had lashes done by Helen and she was brilliant. I’m a claustrophobic fidget but she was very calming and the results were amazing.

    • aliagnew January 22, 2018

      Ha! Nicky – a claustrophobic fidget – LOL! That’s great endorsement. Thanks for sharing your experience, I bet there are loads of readers out there who feel exactly the same. My friend Sarah would describe herself exactly the same way and she, like you, not only survived having her lashes done but she’s since been back for more… Enjoy fluttering your lovely lashes, lady! xAli


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