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Muddy tries: hypno-analysis

Trying to kick a habit? Stressed at work? Want to lose weight? Muddy tries The Dream Pilot hypnosis...

Research shows only 1 in 10 people stick to their New Years Resolutions – and most of which are long-forgotten by a few weeks into January. Familiar, much? So if you, like the Muddy team could do with a little help to bust the blocks in your life then maybe you too have wondered whether hypnotherapy can give you longer-lasting results… Having heard good things about Kent-based The Dream Pilot, we sent Muddy’s Hettie along and this is what she found…


Just an average working day until you get an email from your editor suggesting it’s high time you got hypnotized. Thankfully there is a good reason behind the request. Richard Olley, aka The Dream Pilot, a trained hypnotherapist based near Tonbridge, has recently joined our Little Black Book and we wanted to give you a blow-by-blow account of what to expect from one of his sessions. Richard comes highly recommended to us by Muddy favourite, personal trainer, Sarah Maxwell, so I knew I was in safe hands and therefore the mission was accepted – even if a little warily. Just please don’t let him have a waistcoat and a magic wand…


First things first, there are no waistcoats and no magic wands. Richard has been accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy so is fully in command of his craft. He is a hugely welcoming and supportive character, who makes you feel instantly comfortable, and has tackled a vast range of problems and behavioural patterns during his career such as addictions, insecurity, anger management, alcohol abuse, insomnia, eating disorders, and relationship issues so you can feel assured that you will get the results that you are after.

Richard specialises in hypno-analysis which is a form of hypnotherapy designed to resolve problems or behaviour patterns that may go back many years. As Richard explained, it is very unlikely that anyone is born with problems like these and most likely, they have emerged in our lives because of sub-conscious programs that we unknowingly pick up, mostly in childhood. Richard can help you identify those issues by re-experiencing those emotions felt at the time, then discharging them and teaching you how to combat them in the future.


Richard’s approach is to conduct a free initial hypnotherapy session, lasting between an hour and an hour and a half, completely without obligation. A win/win situation for any potential client as they can make sure that they feel completely comfortable with the setting and Richard as well as an opportunity for Richard to fully understand the issue in hand and ensure that he can help you.

Almost everyone has some issue or fear that they want help with right?

One of my main fears was that maybe I was just one of those people who could not be hypnotized and we would spend a wasted hour with me muttering in gobbledigook trying to convince Richard that I was under his spell. Of course, reality is simply not like that. With two small children in my life, it was a genuine pleasure to be told to lie down and switch off as Richard began to talk.

The words help your mind drift, imagine different places and people and at no point did I feel that I was out of control nor intimidated by this uncustomary scenario. Instead, it felt refreshing to dig a little deeper into past experiences and even though I follow the stereotypical British persona by being a little hesitant in expressing my emotions, I did not feel bashful about expressing the thoughts that floated into my head.


Weirdly enough, a conversation of sorts starts to take place where you know where you are and what you are doing but with a heightened memory where past incidents are easier to reach and recall. Richard does at times probe your dialogue to ensure that every memory box is explored in a way that makes you completely comfortable and secure with the situation.

Before you know it – it’s the countdown to ‘back in the room’ and you can remember what has been said with the additional benefit of feeling that some emotional baggage has been removed which I am told will improve each time as you train your mind to cope with challenges in the future.WANT TO LEARN MORE?

If you feel that this could benefit you – the testimonials on Richard’s website ( speak volumes on the inspiring work that he has done in the past often with life-changing results plus a good idea of the scope of work in which he can help. There is a book that Richard has written called Mind Matters which puts more meat on the bones about how this process could work for you.


Don’t go expecting immediate results but after one session, I felt like a whole load of emotional baggage had been taken off my mind and my outlook on life had been spun into a new and very positive direction.


Richard’s practise is based at his house, just outside the pretty village of Shipbourne with a picture-perfect view of the countryside all around you. It’s an incredibly tranquil setting and sets the mood for session ahead.


Initial session is free with 90-minute sessions (£90) recommended thereafter. Richard tells me that people rarely do more than 10 sessions before the problem in hand has been resolved.

The Dream Pilot, Wagoners Barn, Back Lane Shipbourne, Tonbridge, Kent TN11 9PP, Tel: 07973 226727

Words: Hettie Allison

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