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Ready to wave goodbye to yo-yo dieting? Finally achieve your fat loss goals with the help of Sarah and Celebrity Circuits without having to give up the good things in life, yes it’s possible! Let us show you how.

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They’ve helped hundreds of women achieve their weight loss goals and now it’s your turn! Founder, Sarah Swainsbury and her dedicated team’s specialty is female fat loss and more specifically, helping women just like YOU get motivated, get results, and feel AMAZING.

After years of struggling herself, Sarah’s done all the quick-fix diets, the juice cleanses and the cutting-out curbs to find it got her nowhere. She’s made it her mission to show women the right way to do things (without sacrificing the good things in life) and with all the qualifications under her belt, she’s doing just that.


Whatever goal you have, Celebrity Circuits can help you. Just choose from the 12-Week Shred (£225) or the 1-1 Coaching (£150 per month) programmes.

The 12-Week Shred will give you all the tools you need to get results, it’s the perfect programme for anyone who’s ready to do the work but just needs a bit of structure and accountability. It’s budget-friendly with solid plans and plenty of motivation.

However, if you have a long-term goal or you require a more customised approach, the 1-1 Coaching will be perfect for you with weekly check-ins and monthly catch-up calls. For less than the cost of one PT session a week, you can have a whole week’s worth of workouts plus full support with nutrition and mindset, available to you 7 days a week through the Celebrity Circuits app.

With both programmes, you’ll get access to a members’ area with all the insider tips on fitness, meal planning, calorie counting, and even mindset support. So you’ll be well equipped with the tools, support, and positive vibes to transform your bodies and lifestyle. It’s all about making progress that lasts and achieving those fitness goals for the long haul.


Their customised app is easy to use, effectively having a PT in your pocket so you can leave walking into the gym feeling clueless and overwhelmed behind you. The app will set your sets, reps, and weights so you can track your progress and if you’re unsure of an exercise, there’s a video showing you exactly what to do to remind you – working out doesn’t get easier than this!

Don’t have a gym membership? No problem! You’ll get a home-based training plan, that you can execute from home, with just a pair of dumbbells.


When you join Celebrity Circuits, you won’t be alone, you become part of a team! When you join, you become a member of their Facebook Group and WhatsApp chat where together you’ll motivate and support each other, sharing recipe ideas and training wins – you’re all in it together!

Although it’s all online, there’s still the opportunity to get together with client meet-ups, running events, boot camp classes, photoshoots, and a whole lot more all on offer to you from day 1.

Want in? Book your Game Plan call here to get started.

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