Pleasant Land Distillery, Aldington

Creating deliciously beautiful spirits in the heart of the Kent Countryside, Pleasant Land Distillery is a completely sustainable, family-run spirits and liqueurs distilling specialist. Let’s drink to that…

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Pleasant Land Distillery are experts in the distilling of local and international produce, primarily specialising in contract distilling using 100% renewable energy at their sustainable distillery. They also offer a range of their own delicious products, made using locally sourced grains and fruits. Using cutting-edge technology alongside traditional techniques, this family-run distillery’s expertise lies in creating spirits from scratch. Perfecting each recipe and product for their clients, they work alongside growers, dreamers, and established brands to create authentic spirits of the highest quality. They create gin, vodka, fruit spirits, rum, brandy, whiskey, vermouth, herbal spirits and many more.


The distillery is based at Bank Farm in Aldington just outside of Ashford and is fully renewably powered by on-site solar panels and a powerful biomass steam boiler, reducing their environmental impact to almost zero. As part of a groundbreaking regeneration project, all their carbon offsetting is achieved on-site at Bank Farm.

Their processes are designed as a circular system, reducing water consumption and waste production by 90%. With a clear conscience, this makes their spirits taste even more delicious!


Alongside small batch distilling and large volume contract distilling, Pleasant Land Distillery offer full spirits and liqueur product development from concept to production, including distilling from scratch, whiskey and rum maturation, bottling and labelling services. Plus in-house recipe creation for clients who dream of creating their own products, alongside recipe development for established products in need of updating.


Whilst their expertise lies in contract distilling, they have also released a range of their own products made from local grains and fruits, which showcase the amazing raw materials grown in the local Kent area. Their house style is smooth and bursting with flavour.

Try their delicious range of spirits and liqueurs made in-house at the Pleasant Land Distillery; Eve VodkaWhite Cliffs Dry GinAmaretto LiqueurNocino Walnut Liqueur and a selection of single vintage fruit Eaux de Vie.

Created in the heart of the Kent countryside using 100% renewable energy, ethically sourced local raw materials, and eco packaging. What’s not to love?

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