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The Little Black Book: Personal Stylists

  • Sarah Gillmore

    I am a Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant who takes a therapeutic, intuitive, positive approach to styling. I am as interested in who someone is, their relationship with clothes, their body-image, body-confidence, and style-aspirations as in what they should wear. My clients come from all different stages of life and situations: women who have lost […]

  • WellStyled

    WellStyled, based in Tunbridge Wells is run by Siobhan Young a Personal stylist, expert and coach. A mum to three children, Siobhan knows how important it is to dress practically, yet look stylish.  Having been a style expert for 10 years with hundreds of wardrobe and body analysis under her belt, Siobhan has a well-honed creative eye and […]

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